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Unsigned Love Letters

Unsigned Love Letters: To Love Is To Know – Part I

Dear Husband-to-be,


I can’t believe we’re finally here. In a week’s time, we’ll stand in front of our friends and family, and promise ourselves to each other. However, as I sit down to write the vows I’ll be making to you, I find my hands tremble with trepidation. Not with fear of the future but rather, the words we’ll say to each other. 


As you very well know, I don’t believe in forevers. Even the Earth won’t last forever, so how can your love? Or mine for that matter. I know you’ll say its the sentiment that matters but how do I promise you something I know to be a physical impossibility? I can’t, and neither can I ask you to do the same. 


Words matter, especially yours to me. And so I’m writing to you of things I hope you’ll say instead. 

Don’t say you’ll be with me forever. Say you’ll accompany me to the supermarket for grocery shopping on the first Saturday of every month.


Don’t promise to protect me from all that comes. Just help me get rid of the lizards in our home, and hold me when I scream through Annabelle.


Do not pledge to stand by my side till death parts us. Say you’ll make a cup of elaichi chai on the mornings I can’t find the nerve to get out of bed.


Don’t vow to treat me like a queen. Just do you share of laundry and give me the courtesy and respect of being human. 


Don’t promise me an always. Just a date to the bookstore. 


Don’t vow to love me till the end of time. Just love me on days you may not like me…


Sincerely Yours-to-be.


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