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Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Changes In My Reading Life

I know it’s Wednesday but I was too busy to get to this yesterday and my answers from WWW Wednesday haven’t changed much so I decided to cheat and hit this today!

Top Ten Tuesday – a tag born out of love for lists and books – was created  by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and moved in January 2018 to That Artsy Reader Girl .

Theme for November 19: Changes In My Reading Life

Honestly, it took me some time to pick my brain over this and I did manage to surprise myself over the way my reading had changed. Here’s a few of the things I came up with:

I Read More Indie, Diverse and LGBTQ Romance.

Up until a few years ago, I usually stuck to the old, locally-available well-known authors I’ve read since I was a teenager. Thanks to the internet, I’ve been exposed a world of new Indie authors as well as writers who write multicultural diverse romance, LGBTQ included. With time, I’ve realized I enjoy multicultural stories more because they add more depth and nuance to the story. They often discuss hard hitting issues and I enjoy reading and learning the ways different writers tackle them. I still feel there needs to be more diversity across all genres and I’m hoping that’ll change.

I Read Stories With Elements of Horror.

Horror is one genre that I DO NOT touch. I don’t care how well developed the characters or plots are, the nightmares are not worth it. Or so I just to think. Recently, this seems to have changed. While I’m still not an avid horror fan, I no longer shun books that have nightmarish elements to them, especially if they come wrapped up in good historical fiction. I’ve recently read a few elaborate ghost stories that were scary but super fun and I’m intrigued enough to give more a try.

I Have Returned To Reading YA.

Sometime after A Levels, I lost patience with YA characters and washed my hands off them all, restricting myself to adult. In the recent years, I’ve gotten back to it but I’m careful about the genre. I prefer YA in fantasy and even paranormal, but not romance.

I Write Reviews!

This probably is the most recent change I’ve encountered. I have really never been an internet or social media person. My preferred form of virtual reality has always been storytelling so much so that even most of what I wrote remained hidden in my notebooks. This year, I made the conscious decision to change that and started this blog along with several social media accounts. [Links given below, if interested!] That, inadvertently, led me to writing reviews. While I’m still social media shy and do not write reviews about all the books I read or those I don’t like, I do like writing and sharing my thoughts about book I love.

I Do Not Buy A Physical Copy Of All Books I Love.

Up until a few years ago, this was a thing. But with moving to a new city and losing all of my old books to rain and termites in storage, I’ve now gotten more picky about the books I keep on my shelves. I still do love physical books more than ebooks – nothing beats hardcovers – but I’ve gotten more choosy about shelf-space.

I Donate More Books.

This one is connected to the point above. Getting choosy about shelf space means I donate more books now, and not just those I did not like. There’re books I’ve loved and given away and yes, it hurts but it’s worth it.

I Have Become Choosy About Covers.

As a teenager, I didn’t much care about the quality of the book or covers. Hardcover or paperback, UK or US cover editions, as long as I get to read it, all else is just details. That now has changed. I try to buy series covers that match and when possible, will always go for hardcovers.

I Splurge More On Classics.

The one good thing that came from loosing all my old collection of books that I get to restart my classics collections. Henceforth, I hound old book shops and antiques for gilded and leather bound editions of poetry, classics and philosophy.

How has your reading changed? Let’s chat in the comments!

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