A red door with a yellow wall and blue stair steps on the side.
Micro Tales

There’s a sunset in my heart with your name…

There’s a sunset in my heart with your name on it,

Like the stardust in your eyes that once held the letters of mine.

Do you remember our old haunts?

The balcony with the red window,

it’s yellow walls chipped with paint.

The deserted garden entangled with vines,

full of statues and roses pining for decay.

You looked towards me there, held out your hand.

Gentle, morose, beguiling. Falsifier.

A stardust in your eyes, the moon on your face.

As benign as the soundless melody of our private song.

And so I painted pain with a coat of smiles, put on a dress of thorns.

And slipping my feet into heels of ice,

waltzed away the night with you.

Author Note: I wrote this prose in response to the #UntidyPrompts, a poem prompts Insta challenge. The text in bold and italics are the prompts. You can see the original post here.


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