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The Sunday Post – #5

God, it’s been so long! Hi there, fam. How are you doing? Hope you and your loved ones are healthy, safe and happy. Sunday post is hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It is a chance to share news of the week gone by as well as plans for the week to come. The rules are pretty porous so you can personalize this any way you wish.

Let’s start shall we?


I don’t really have much to add in this section, honestly. The world is bonkers right now so I have desperately and firmly taken solace in my comfort reads. I have done nothing but reread my old favs and a 100% of those books were romance. Here’s some of them:


I know I was gone for a long while so here’s an update to all I have been up o. I took a break from both my blog and social media due to work and writing commitments. Last year in December – my God, it feels like a different world! – I signed up for a PNR Short Story Anthology with some of my awesome online friends. However, between my day job, home, blogging and social media and general life, I couldn’t find the time to do justice to it. Not only was I getting stressed, my writing was suffering too, and that I realized just wasn’t okay. Since I cannot afford to give up my job, everything else in life had to take a backseat.

It was kind of an abrupt thing to do at that time but luckily, it paid off. The story is sent, it’s been edited and proofread and has been accepted. I’ll be putting up the preorder links as soon as I can and God, it makes me so happy to be able to say that.

The world is bonkers out there right now and we all need something to cling to, especially in a situation like this where it feels like even tomorrow or the day after are in question. We put off so much on the next day, don’t we? Dreams, hopes, desires, what ifs. So much of what we want is left on someday and so during this awful world pandemic, when that someday is threatened, it can built up a lot of anxiety and despair. I’m trying, like a countless million others, not to let it get to me. I’m trying not to let it affect my craft, my job and my mood. I’m trying to stay healthy but yes, I am scared. Every body is. But I, we can’t let this fear overpower us.

My grandmother, the bravest and wisest woman I’ve ever known, used to say to me as a child that the true worth of a dream is realized not when you accomplish it but when you feel that you can’t. That’s the moment you’ll know if you can or cannot let this wish go. And in these trying times, when all of us worried about ourselves and our loved ones, being able to write and finish a story has given me more mental peace than anything ever. It has helped me cope with my fears. It has helped me face each new day surrounded by what feels like constant bad news. It has led me to believe that no matter how helpless I feel, I am capable of something, no matter how small a feat it may be.

And in these troubling times, that can be something as simple as having the luxury to stay in or even helping an elderly neighbor. So to you gorgeous soul reading this, I say, do your bit. Do not let this fear take away your dreams or your kindness.

Stay Positive. Stay Indoors. Stay Safe, Happy & Healthy.

I’ll leave you with a snippet of something I recently wrote:

Take not for granted the strength it takes to be kind.

The endurance of a heart that is hurt, cracked but refuses to break.

Power often brings to mind images of crackling thunder and raging volcanoes. High tsunamis and violent earthquakes.

What of the leaf that bows to the weight of a raindrop? Or a petal that glides to the stroke of the wind, a hummingbird hovering over the edge of a rose?

Imagine the resilience of the sea shell that over turns and skips at the force of every incoming tide but does not shatter.

It is a force indomitable, an ardor unassailable.

So beware, you, who overlooks the depth of still waters for their seemingly visible malleability.

Tides when multiplied will flood your shore with a mountain of shells and push back your harbor.

And try as you may to burn down a forest, moss and mushrooms will grow from a dead oak stalk.

Take not for granted the strength it takes to be kind.

The endurance of a heart that is hurt, cracked but refuses to break…

Elbow hugs,

A. Perveen


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