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The Sunday Post – #4

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Sunday post is hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It is a chance to share news of the week gone by as well as plans for the week to come. The rules are pretty porous so you can personalize this any way you wish.

Let’s start shall we?


The last two weeks of January have mostly been a huge pile of re-read for me. I don’t why – maybe the crazy news of viruses and natural disasters we hear everyday – but I’ve been in mood for some old, familiar comfort and so went back to books I adore.

Most of the books I’ve reread have been romance. Here’s the list:

  • Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
  • Remembrance by Jude Deveraux
  • The Bride by Julie Gardwood
  • The Duke I Tempted by Scarlett Peckham
  • Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught
  • Sea Swept by Nora Roberts

Have you read any of these? Do you find yourself going back to comfort reads when the world outside goes a little too bonkers?



I’m floating on a cloud of anime these days. A friend recently came up to me and confessed that on their second go at Gosick some few weeks ago, he realized that the central character of Victorique possessed a lot my neurotic quirkiness.

Skeptic but intrigued, I decided to give it a go, and well, I have to say he was right! A little too much right, if you know what I mean. Have you ever read or watched a movie or drama wherer the character reminded you of yourself? It’s a little weird watching it, isn’t it? An out of body experience, almost like looking at yourself in third person.

While I don’t smoke a pipe or roll around the floor when bored anymore – yes, used to do it as a child. The rolling, I mean, not the pipe! – a lot of Victorique’s habits match mine. Suffice it to say, I’m hooked right now.

Have you watched this anime? Are you an anime fan, in general? Which one’s do you love? Hit me up with some awesome recs!


Do you know what it’s like to become obsessed with one song and listen to it on repeat? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing all week only I’ve got two tracks, not one.

First is a new rendition of an old Punjabi kalaam called Sik Mitraan [Yearning Of The Beloved]. A friend shared recently, knowing I’m a follower of Sufi music and poetry. It’s written by Meher Ali Shah, a South-Asian Sufi Saint of the Chishtiyai order. This new rendition is by a band named Saakin and composed for an upcoming movie.

Have a listen! [The song had English translated lyrics but hit me up with questions in case you have trouble understanding.]

The second track is a Turkish song I came across accidentally during browsing. It’s called Sen Yokken [Without You] and Google tells me was composed for an old Turkish series I have yet to see. But something about the melody and words just grabbed my heart and refused so let go. Consequently, I’ve been listening to it one repeat. Here’s the link:


As the title suggests, work is all I’ve got time for these days. Getting sick a few weeks back but a bender on all my deadlines so I’m mostly playing catch-up right now and trying to free some time to write.

I signed up for a paranormal romance anthology that is due early March and while I have the plot outlined, I really need to get to writing it. I’m panicking just thinking about it! Wish me all the best, guys, and pray that I get my life organized.

See ya next week!

How’s your Sunday going? What are your plans for the upcoming week? Let’s chat in the comments!


  • alisbooks

    Honest Illusions is a Nora Roberts book that I enjoy rereading from time to time. I definitely have my moments where I want the comfort of already read and loved books.

    • A. Perveen

      Oh, man, I love Honest Illusions! That, Hidden Riches, The Villa and Birthright, four of favorite NR standalones among the countless other I’ve devoured over the years.
      Rereading is such a comforting hobby, isn’t it? Like meeting old, cherished friends.

      Have a great week ahead! Thank you for dropping by here!

  • Sumedha

    I go back to comfort reads when the world around is messy as well! Especially when I’m having a bad day or need a mental hug. I used to be a huge fan of Jude Deveraux and Juditch McNaught so I feel the same about the books you read. Sad that work has become everything and I hope you get some time for yourself soon!

    • A. Perveen

      I think the name “comfort reads” says it all, doesn’t it? They literally provide comfort, like a mental literary hug!

      And Deveraux and McNaught have been romance mentors for a lot of readers, from what I’ve realized. Sure, yes, some of their books do not age well in the 21st century context but a lot of them are timeless.

      Thank you fro stopping by here! Have an awesome week ahead!

  • waytoofantasy

    Nothing wrong with rereading, there’s a certain comfort to revisiting books you love. I used to be a huge fan fo Julie Garwood. It’s actually The Bride which got me into reading romance!
    Hope you have a fantastic week!

    • A. Perveen

      I’d recommend all of those mentioned above! 😍They are absolute favorites and keep reading them over and over again. Just can’t get enough. 🤤😂
      Hope you have an amazing week ahead! Thank you for stopping by! 💕

  • shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    A little weirdly, I don’t reread at all, but I do rewatch tv programs as a comfort measure. I think because I have a much better memory for the written word than the spoken word. I have read a fair bit of Nora Roberts but not for a while.

    Wishing you a great reading week

    • A. Perveen

      Wow, really? That’s a first time I’m hearing that, I swear. As someone who does reread a lot, I have o ask: How do you resist? 😂
      I swear, my annual book count would double if I stopped rereading!

      Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend and week ahead! 😍💕

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