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Self love…

Have you ever met someone who possesses all the qualities you resent, or resented, in yourself?

What if this person is someone you interact with on a daily basis? Your boss, your colleague, a neighbor, a friend? What if you are then, against all odds and sense, attracted to them?

Isn’t it a bit narcissistic, though? Like falling for yourself only? Sure, it’s good, healthy to accept, like yourself but to fall a version of yourself? And that too, not the good version but the worst you and for the worst parts of you. And I don’t mean bodily flaws, those thin, irritant blemishes you see in the mirror, overthink in the quiet moments on a rainy evening.

I mean the worst you.

That reflection of your past you wouldn’t befriend in your present. The person you have worked to unbecome, are, thankfully, mostly not today and do not ever wish to be again.

I suppose the question is when does self-care transform into self-centered-ness, admiration becomes obsession? How does one identify this threshold when introspection is neither wanted nor culturally warranted? In this hard paced world of instant reactions and the fear of missing out, what does one do with the fear of missing in?

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