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Random Rollicks: Zwölf

What is it about a camera that makes the dead and decaying look alive and visceral?  Even the most commonplace of lenses has the power to turn the reds of Torri gate from lonesome to romantic, transform the garnet streaks of aged wood from desolation to hope. The dull drown bricks of chipped walls stained with bluish mold, that often look empty and useless to eye, in a photograph may appear filled with the yellow brightness of lives well lived. The trail of silvery cobwebs, clinging to the rain stained ceiling of a dilapidated yellow house, that look too fragile to carry their own weight can wield the black heavy burden of untold stories when seen on screen.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but who gets to decide if the said words are authentic conveyors of the shades of truth?

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