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Random Rollicks

Random Rollicks: Zehn

I am fascinated by thresholds. Those thin, linear boundaries that are somehow the makings of all befores and afters. In-between pocket of silence responsible for coagulating passion and possession, separating assistance from insistence, delineating support and suffocation.

Unseen, unheard demarcations, often un-felt until too late, silent gloom’s that ooze out from a cherry blossom tree when least expected. Still, I wonder which bothers, hurts us more: the gloom or its unexpected surprise.

An eclipse known to make an appearance is often waited for, looks magical and is as pretty as a meteor shower simply because the knowledge of its visibility predated its arrival. However, if the eclipse was to occur without warning, the same cosmic event and darkness that had previously appeared enchanting would become threatening, devious, maybe even evil.

I guess its not the gloom that matters than. When unknown and unaware, man will make monsters of all light that comes his way…

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