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Random Rollicks

Random Rollicks: Sechs

There are days when you wake up ready to conquer the world. A perfect summer’s Tuesday, your hair shiny, skin radiant and the confidence of Zeus bolstering your steps as you stroll to catch the bus that arrives on time to take you to work were you meet all your deadlines.    

And then there are days you find yourself oscillating between work and worry, fury and frolic. Longing and life, romance and reason play tag with your head until you’re of half a mind to turn away from all things coming my way. Turn and run from yourself, your dreams and the mountains keeping you from them. 

Ironically, it is the latter which makes you. 

This curious place, the certainty of being uncertain, the decidedly pleasurable ambiguity of being aware of your discontent, is a condition common to all thinking life. And thus, you find closure in this divide; reach solitude within the open plans of a despair shared. Knowing that you want, and want to want like all that breathes…


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