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Random Rollicks

Random Rollicks: Neun

Somewhere between the  cataclysm of love, and the canyon of hate, lies a void silence so deep, it vibrates under its own weight. That heaviness of all things un-thought, all words unsaid.

It is the weight of happiness that could have been, expectations that might have become had we just not put some people on a pedestal. It is the force of thwarted friendships, acceptance that should have prevailed had we simply chosen not to find satisfaction in someone’s insult or injury. And yet, despite knowing, understanding the risks of such extremes, we continue to willingly, desperately engage in such impassable endeavors. Unrealizing the fact that these two ends would soon move into the center and collide.

Introvert meets extrovert and opposites attraction becomes yelling after every party. The rude, weird bitch on the bus becomes a shy wallflower who volunteers at animal shelters. Pretty soon, the apply of your eye becomes the dust beneath your shoe, and the wicked unruly co-worker you couldn’t stand is your new best friend.  

Have these people changed, or have you? Or are we all the same and have simply switched glasses? When did your lover’s adorableness started to feel like nagging, neighbor’s snooping become care? How, when, why did the thing we hated become the thing we love, whereas the thing we loved ceased to exist?

Maybe because, at the end of the day, all we want to love is the image of our-self. But like that cursory glance in the mirror every morning, we hate it at first. Maybe that’s why we often become people we can’t seem to hate, but are vary to love… 

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