gray paint on white paper
Random Rollicks

Random Rollicks: Drei

It’s okay to be afraid.
Of yourself.
For yourself.
It’s okay to wish to hide.
For a friend.
From a foe.
And okay to not know.
The quest of today.
The plan for the morrow
It’s okay to want to run.
From the times gone by.
To those yet to come.
And okay to want to hum.
In the face of the world.
Without feeling dumb.
It’s okay to stay sound, when doubt run’s abound.
And to be lost, in terror of being found.
It’s okay to sleep all day ‘cuz the world’s a crazy roundabout.
And okay to take a breath. And let another one out.
It’s okay… It’s okay… It’s okay…
It’s okay, dear heart, to be whatever you wish was okay.

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