Cover Reveal Loving A Dowgar
Cover Reveal


Hey guys! I’m so excited and honored to present to you COVER of LOVING A DOWAGER by my dear friend Rachel Ann Smith.

LOVING A DOWAGER is a second chance, mature lovers romance featuring cameos from all your favorite characters.


Here’s the blurb…


Society wouldn’t approve…

…He has a reputation.

And she has too much to lose.


After raising and marrying off her two sons all on her own, Henrietta Neale’s future seemed rather insipid. When one of her dear friends becomes the target of a fortune hunter, Henrietta is determined to investigate.


She stormed into his office…

…ready to give him a piece of her mind.

His reaction to seeing her wasn’t what she expected.


At five-and-ten, Walter was in love, even though Henrietta was four years his senior. It broke his heart when she ran off to get married and that changed him. Now, middle-aged, running her late husband’s law firm, a confirmed bachelor who never took a wife, he wonders if the widow might be willing to take a chance.


Love is risky.


When circumstances force Henrietta and Walter together, longing and love can no longer be denied. But can two people who have avoided the truth for decades gather the courage to reach a future they never believed possible?


What will it take for them to find love?


 You’ll adore this regency romance, because with age comes wisdom and their lives are about to change forever.




Release Date: November 3, 2021


Available for pre-order:


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