Poetry: I envy not

Do Not Fall For Writers…

Do not fall for writers.
We are cynical romantics,
Nihilist optimists,
Prudent mystics.

We’ll love you for all you can be,
And overlook what you are.
We’ll forget the day of your birth,
And give names to all your scars.

We’re grumpy, vague and selfish
And we notice the way you breath.
We’ll redo the wounds of your heart
Save the shadows you hide beneath.

We don’t care what’s for dinner
Or see the piles of bills unpaid.
But dog-ear the page of a book
And you’ll walk on the edge of a blade.

We love fiction more than fact,
And are rather low on tact.
Love grudges more than children,
And breaking all things intact.

We won’t notice your presence for months
But your absence will drive us wild.
We’ll romanticize your fears
And cherish all the times you cried.

It’s impossible to hide from us.
Harder still, to live with us,
We’re a strange place to be.
We’ll also immortalize your secrets
For all of the world to see.

Give an inch, we take a mile.
Ask an inch?
We’ll chase you away with a smile.
So be smart,
stay away.
Stay unbeguiled.

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