sea and clouds- deep waters
Micro Tales

Deep Waters

There’s this phrase in Urdu: [dil se utar jana] دل سے اتر جانا

Its connotation is to fall out of love, but when translated word for word, it says “the lowering of someone in your heart.” Brings to mind images of water, anchor and blood, doesn’t it? The rise and fall of them.

It’s a saying I have never understood…

Hearts aren’t cups of tea. Can’t be filled, emptied and rinsed because brew’s gone cold.

Consequenlty, the words have never made sense to me.

Until now. Now I understand.

People, you see, don’t really enter a heart, and so they can’t leave.

People rise.

Walls melt like snow on the mountains, and people rise in the heart like oceans, sweeping you away in torrents.

What does it say that I still can’t tell if I sailed, sank or swam?

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