black red colors mixed paint
Micro Tales


“Light and darkness, brightness and obscurity… Color itself is a degree of darkness.” ~ Goethe


“Why do you insist on hiding your nightmares?” he asked. “I know you can slay your own monsters, but why won’t you let me hold you?”

“Because they’re a darkness,” she answered carefully. “Obscure relics that have tarnished every relationship I’ve ever had. They take over me enough. I can’t let them eclipse you.”

Eclipse me in your eyes, she thought.

“You’re wrong,” he said after a while.

“Easy to say when you’re a freaking rainbow.”

He let out an embarrassed laugh. “Thank you, but I meant about your monsters taking over. We all have our fair share of demons and delights. Your darkness is sprinkled with diminutive beams of light,” he whispered. “My light tarnished by countless spots of dusk. I’m not the rainbow, darling, you are. You’re the gold to my gloom… I, the shadow to your sun. And together,” he reached out to clasp her hand, linked their fingers, “we’re a shade and tint. Two pigments on the opposite corners of the color wheel maybe, but connected nonetheless. So what you call darkness is a refraction, really. Just makes you more dazzling to me…”



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