Flash Fiction

Snippets conjured from everyday things that strike my fancy.

  • Letter To Nostalgia

    Letter To Nostalgia

    My Dearest Little-Old-Me, I can see you there, huddled at the threshold, reading or scribbling by the trickle of sunlight streaming through the gap where the screen-door doesn’t quite latch

  • paper crane hand fly


    The practical tone would have irritated if it wasn't so edged with fear. Fear of being seen, heard, hunted. Of being haunted...

  • tin robot man doorstep


    "Alone is different from lonely." "Which have you been?" she couldn't help but ask. His gaze lifted, bored into hers. "Without you? Both."

  • bell tower old own church sea

    All That Glitters…

    Twin ghosts that looked liked her but were about as real as a half-forgotten day dream started back at her. None of them was truly her, she knew. But which of them defined…