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Book Review: Take A Hint Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

What do a Black, bisexual, academic PhD student allergic-to-emotion and a Pakistani-British romance-novel-loving Punjabi Muslim have in common? Why, the ability to unbearably tug at your (read: MY) heartstrings.

Danika Brown and Zafir Ansari own me heart and soul! Do you know those rare books that are so GOOD that you read them slowly because you’re so invested in the characters you loath to reach the end even when its a given there’s a happy-ever-after at end? Yeah, this was one of those.

Things I loved (P.S. Everthing! But here’s a list just because.):
✅ The humor.
✅ The badass adorableness of DANIKA BROWN and her Goddess!
✅ The swoon worthy cuteness that’s ZAFAR ANSARI!

This book is what happens when you write diverse characters without making them look like a monolith. It’s fantastic in all its aspects, especially the responsible portrayal of a #neurodiverse main character with an anxiety disorder.

And I cannot rave enough about the excellent Muslim cast. I loved the religious diversity Hibbert showed within a single Muslim family, with various characters ranging from practicing to non-practicing, as is our lived reality in many cases, I assure you. So much of Zaf’s fam reminded me of interactions with my own and it was amazing to see that on the page! As for the delightful Brown sisters, can I have them for myself, please?

This book is addictive, humorous, cute, sexy and so darn sweet, my face literally hurt from smiling through the pages. I have had withdrawals for over a week now and because I’m vindictive that way😈 here’s my advise: GO READ THIS NOW!


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