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Book Review: Sin & Ink by Naima Simone

I’ll try my best to articulate all my feels and definitely fail so fair warning, this review is going to be a huge swoon-and-gust fest. I’ll begin with this: HOLY SMOKES, THIS BOOK! I finished it last night and I’m still… melting. Like a limpy wax candle because, phew…

Knox – an ex-MMA fighter, present tattoo artist and all things giants and broody – has been painfully in love with Eden, his brother’s widow, since before she married his brother. And by love I mean he pretty much craves her body and soul like oxygen. But guilt over his brother’s death and a misguided promise to his mother keeps him from acting on it. There’s also the “she’s my sister-in-law so borderline incestuous and off-limits” forbidden taboo.

However, this intense mountain-of-a-man is unaware that the hots are very much mutual. And there in comes my favorite part about this book. Knox may be the one craving, but since the beginning, Eden makes all the moves. Sure, she does it against her better judgement. She does it thinking its wrong and forbidden and berating herself that she ought to know better. But still, she goes all in, unable to help herself. And so while her journey starts with “I can’t and shouldn’t,” it goes on to end with “I can because I deserve.”

And that’s pretty much the arc of both these characters. This novel is both, a romance and a book about healing. Wrapped within a complicated, very-real family dynamic are subplots of confidence, respect, self-worth and moving on through grief. Told in dual 1st-person POV, this book is emotional, cute and so bloody hot, it’s a wonder my kindle didn’t steam. The novel starts intense and stays that way throughout without once getting on your nerves. Ms. Simone does a fantastic job of balancing the angst and emotion without turning it melodramatic.

I’ll end with saying it’s pretty bloody poetic that this review comes right on time for #ThirstTrapThurs ‘cuz I nominate Knox!

Verdict: 4 🔥🌟
Rating: 🔥❤️😭🔥


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