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Book Review: Beautiful & Dirty by Katrina Jackson

I’ve been sitting in this review for sometime now. I wanted to do it without spoiling but I just can’t. I adore it too much to skip the details and if I can’t squeal about books on #bookstagram during #ThirstTrapThurs then where do I even go? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I read this little mafia romance gem in early Jan for the #readwhatyougot and it hooked me from the FIRST LINE: “I want all the carbs,” is how we’re introduced to Shae and God, did she speak to my soul.

On a dream trip to Rome, Shae realizes just how emotionally manipulative her boyfriend is. It was heart-wrenching to read these parts. Shae’s realization that she’s been the only constant giver in this long unbearable relationship hit really close to home and it really hurt. Anyway, tired of his irresponsibility, Shae ultimately decides to enjoy the trip herself and as per her plans, heads of to Naples. (Did I cheer when she leaves him stranded on the train station? Why, yes, I did. There might have been cake too. 🍰 😈)

Waiting on the other side of town is Salvator, the current head of The Family. One look at Shae and he pretty much forgets everything. 🤩Their interaction in the cafe make me squeal. I have a thing for scenes in which the hero feeds the heroine or is just responsible for getting her favorite food. It’s. My. Jam. 🤤

Moving forward, these two flirt, talk and then begins the no-hold-bared, let-all-Naples-hear sexy times. 🥳 I should probably add here that Sal is married and since Shae is still technically in a relationship, this counts as cheating. Normally, I’d care. This time, I couldn’t care less. No, seriously. If I cared any less I’d be an ice berg. These two babies need to be together and that’s all I care about.

Anyway, sexytimes over with, these two say goodbye and I’ll confess, my heart stopped for a minute. But no worries, the writer gave us an epilogue that paves the way for the future! This book is short, sweet and crack-my-Kindle-screen hot 🔥 and I can’t wait to meet Shae and Sal again.


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