Mia Sheridan's Archers voice
Book Review

Book Review: Archer’s Voice by Mia Sherridan

“It suddenly occurred to me that Archer Hale had taught himself an entire language, but hadn’t had a single person to talk to. Until me.”

I finally understand why this book is a crowd favorite. Archer, to take a slice from Bree’s best friend’s book, “…inspired women to want to cuddle him and then lick him.” 🤣🤤 He is the perfect cinnamon roll hero I needed to read at this time.

The plot is pretty simple, at times predictable, but I believe that was the writer’s way to allow these characters to shine. And by God, do they shine, indeed!

I loved Bree and Archer, both individually and together. Strong, resilient, positive characters that refuse to allow life and its often senseless tragedies get in the way of living. I loved that their pain was as real as their determination to get over it. I also loved that a large part of the plot was focused on them being together and fighting their fears both as a couple and individual people. Oh, and the sexy times are 🔥🔥🔥

This book is heart-warming, emotional, and so incredibly sweet, it’ll leave you sighing and smiling long after you’re done. Archer has found a permanent place in my list of top ten book boyfriends!



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