Dirty Valentine
Book Review

Book Review: A Dirty Valentine by Nicole Falls

This. Book. Is. HOT! The glasses you see in the picture? I had to put mine away in a similar fashion after reading 38 pages of this deliciousness because they steamed up! 🙈🤣

The plot is very simple. Chenoa is having a bit of dry spell and is adamant to end it this Valentine’s Day by attending a Lock and Key event. (I was very intrigued by that idea and I need more details.) The story follows Chenoa getting ready to go out and have a good time and the universe is in her favor because she literally collides with her old teenage crush JB, the cousin of her best friend Mikey. The two hit off and we get a lot of spicy sexy times and before you know it, the book ends and I’m left wanting more.

The story is dual POV first person and very well written. I loved being in Chenoa’s head and she had me laughing from page one. Here are my top four reasons I adored this story:

🌟 Chenoa and Mikey: Their bond is friendship goals and I LOVED their banter!
🌟 A woman unapologetic about her agency and pleasure.
🌟 Sex and body positivity.
🌟 Consent!

Somebody tell me we’re getting a sequel with these two because I want more! I picked this little gem up on Valentine’s Day and now wish I’d read it that day only. If you haven’t read this book yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up today. It’s the perfect read to begin your weekend with! 🔥❤️


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