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#2 Top Ten Tuesday: Dynamic Duos – 22th Feb 2022

Happy Tuesday and welcome!

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22nd Feb 2022: Dynamic Duos

I adore today’s theme! It was tricky because I wanted to stick to duology’s only (I might have cheated in one instance though) as well as talk about both, books that I have read as well as the duets that I have been saving because FEELS. Meaning that I know I’ll be needing days if not weeks to recover from the book hangovers of saying good bye to those worlds.


Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Dynamic Duos: Books I Need To Finish

These are all duets where I’ve read the first first book or paused halfway because I’m reading it slowly. I tend to read multiple book at the same time so technically I’m also reading all of these at the moment and reading slowly too because I’m ready to say goodbye. 

children of blood and bone
we hunt the flame
violent delights
king of scars

Dynamic Duos: Books I’ve Read

Courtney Milan Brother Sinister historical romance book covers

I know, I know, for those of you familiar with this historical romance series, this is not technically a duology since the books can be read standalone. However, the plots of these two are very much connected. The Governess Affair serves not only a a prequel to The Brother Sinister world but also provides the details of the past of the hero of The Duchess War. If you’re new to Courtney Milan’s work or have not read her yet, this series is absolutely the prefect place to start!

Judith McNaught Paradise Perfect Bok covers

My second entry is one of my favorite old school romances by Judith McNaught. These two books, Paradise and Perfect, are one of the first books I read by this author and also one of the first books that got me hooked to the romance genre. Technically, there are four books set in this world but these two are the one’s most obviously connected. I’ve forgotten the number of time I’ve read these two, and the amount of tears I’ve cried! 

All the King's Men by Kennedy Ryan

I WILL NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT THESE BOOKS! This is my absolute favorite duet ever. A must read for every romance lover and it lives rent free in my head, heart and soul. Kennedy Ryan is a genius with words and an auto-buy author for me. This series is a great place to start if you haven’t read her work yet. I did a detail review of this series. You can read it here.

Lola and the millionaire book cover

OH, this duology! I LOVE THIS WORLD AND THIS AUTHOR! I was introduced to the works of Kathryn Moon last year when I dived into Monster Romance. Her Rooksgrave Manor was so fantastic, I quickly added all her back list into my TBR. I read Lola last month and I’m not kidding when I say that I was incapable of leaving my house after I finished these books because feels. These books are MMFMMMMM, super high heat (bonding, biting, knotting, etc.) and a part of The Sweet Omega verse series. There are no shifters, the characters are human but they live in packs and have the same biology so you get alpha, omega and beta characters. (There’s an author’s note at the beginning that does a much job of explaining this world!)

dipped in holy Dana Isaly

Dana Isaly is another one of my recent new-to-me authors. This series is on-going and I’m adding it here today because their are two books out so far. They are short stories, high heat romances with age-gap, daddy kink and a plus-sized heroine. Nick and Holly are absolutely amazing together and I love these books to pieces!

What he doesn't know

My last addition of duets I’ve read is the Best Kept Secrets duology by Kandi Steiner. I’ve read this offer before and really liked her. I found this book during a random search and the blub intrigued me enough to dive in head first. This is a cheating romance (the heroine is married) and it was an rollercoaster that rocked my world. The journey that these characters take you on is very emotional. I cried and yelled more times than I can count. 

And that’s it for today from me! Thank you so much for reading. Have you read any of these books before? Do you take part in TTT? If yes, let’s chat in the comments. If you’d like me to read your post, please feel free to leave your comments below. Happy Reading, lovelies!

salaam red box introduction

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  • dinipandareads

    I need to finish the Nick and Holly books too and maybe I’ll pick that up this weekend cos I’ve been in a funky reading mood and a short romance sounds perfect right now! I also just read These Violent Delights last week and I can’t wait to finish this series. I get the hype 😍 I hope you enjoy the duos that you need to finish! Great list!

    • A. Perveen

      TVD is SO GOOD! I’m done with book one and I already know there will be no getting over these characters. I hope to get to it soon and enjoy it as much as I did. Wishing you a great week!

    • A. Perveen

      Thank you so much! And oh, thank you so much for those recs. Going straight into my TBR. Thank you for stopping by, Maida! Wishing you a great week, my friend.

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